Bitcoin Edge


In 2017, through our communication with Scaling Bitcoin sponsors and event participants about what problems they are experiencing that Scaling Bitcoin should focus on, we have received one message repeatedly - "Lack of talent". Organizations that want to participate in and integrate with the Bitcoin ecosystem face great difficulty recruiting developers with relevant expertise.

We launched a new initiative called "Bitcoin Edge" to address this talent deficit. This initiative ran for the first time in Silicon Valley as the Tutorial Track called "Dev++" alongside of the Scaling Bitcoin 2017 "Scaling the Edge". The second installment of Dev++ is running at Keio University alongside of the Scaling Bitcoin 2018 "Kaizen"

Bitcoin Edge Dev++ Tutorial is meant to focus on scaling the development capacity of the ecosystem via education of developers in the field of cryptocurrency and helping the industry streamline the process of developer training. The primary focus of this tutorial will be a basic first-principles introduction to cryptocurrency as well as cryptocurrency-specific engineering methodologies, security practices, and standard operating procedures.

Sponsors for Bitcoin Edge